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Wax Workshops
2018 Spring / Summer

May 19 & 20

     Intro to Cold Wax Painting

June 9: 

    Intro to Encaustic Painting

July 13, 14, 15: 

   Cold Wax Painting, Workshop 1

August 11 & 12:

   Encaustic Painting: Texture and Transfer

August 18, 19 & 20: 

   Cold Wax Painting, Workshop 2

September 22 & 23: 

   Intro to Cold Wax

Time: All classes run from 10 - 4:00 each day with a break for lunch.

Cost: $125 per day plus $25 for studio materials (a list of materials to be supplied by the student will follow upon registration. This includes CWM, oil paint and some tools.)

CEU’s may be earned for teachers. (10 hours of studio contact = 1 credit. 3 day workshop = 2 credits)

To Register: email kramerberri@gmail.com

(Please specify date(s) of class)

Workshop Details:

May 19 & 20: Intro to Cold Wax PaintingThis introduction will explore CWM and oil pigment through an investigation of layering, translucency, viscosity, reduction and masking. Experiment with new tools and materials (pigment sticks and mark making equipment.) History and materials will be discussed.


June 9: Introduction to Encaustic.

Learn to work with the beautiful luminosity and rich pigments of beeswax and damar resin. Discover the basic approach to fusing with heat, layering, stenciling and scraping the surface with this broad and captivating medium. Cradle board substrate will be used in conjunction with color rich blocks of pigment.

July 13 - 15: Cold Wax Painting Workshop 1

This three day workshop is set up to explore many aspects of cold wax including mark making with charcoal, tailors chalk, graphite, pan pastels, and oil sticks. An assortment of tools will be introduced and techniques in layering, scraping, reduction, transfer and stencils will be demonstrated. This workshop is for those with some wax experience as well as beginners.

August 11 and 12: Encaustic: Texture and Transfer

Practice two specific encaustic techniques and work them into your art vocabulary. Texture tools include old kitchen equipment and flea market finds as well as more traditional tools. Transfer photos, drawings and text, and use the medium to capture dimension and also to explore your personal story.

August 18, 19, 20: Cold Wax Painting Workshop 2

This class will emphasize the hierarchy of color, value and design principles. Techniques such as masking, stencils, layering and oil glazes will be applied to a series of smaller pieces worked on Arches oil paper. This series will be used to determine a direction for larger pieces. This workshop is designed for those somewhat familiar with the properties of Cold Wax.



Why Choose a workshop in Cold Wax?

Berri Kramer, Instructor

As a fiber artist I “piece together” ideas. The pieces have rigid edges but motion is created by the mathematical investigation determined by each piece. My attraction to Cold Wax is about bringing a new process into focus, and challenging my work in such a way that expands the boundaries.  Quilt making revolves around sound planning. In the wax studio however, the process is more spontaneous. To keep what appears edited and finished, while at the same time introducing the exciting element of risk to the formula, is inherent in this process.  One always comes back to how they “build” things, but wax offers an opportunity to break free from the structure of a known result.


Berri Kramer has been teaching Color and Design at Heartwood College of Art for 25 years.  She is a contemporary quilt maker and painter. With a good understanding and practice in encaustic, she stays very current with the Encaustic and Cold Wax process. She believes her mandate as a teacher is to encourage students to experiment within their creative processes so that their artwork may grow.

To Register: email kramerberri@gmail.com

(Please specify date(s) of class)